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Mini Blow Molding Machine

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Products Name: Mini Blow Molding Machine

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The MINI 0.5L is one of the best selling machines. Its economical, very fast, compact and easy to handle. The standard equipment includes a scrap conveyor and a lateral exit for the finished bottles. Moreover, the MINI can be fully automated. Designed for high production of small containers the MINI can produce bottles from 1ml up to 500ml. The MINI can be equipped with single, double and triple head to maximize its production according to customer needs. The dry cycle speed is 3 seconds; mealing that with a triple head this machine can produce around 70.000 PE pharmaceutical bottles in 24 hours with an excellent finished 18mm neck. Besides PE,other materials run on the MINI such as PP,PETG,PVC and their derivatives. The hydraulic,pneumatic and electrical systems incorporate first quality components, offering high precision and low power consumption.

Single Head-Center Distance: - - -
A B H A B H ф H A H
--- --- --- 100 60 130 60 130 60 130
Double Head- Center Distance: 70
A B H A B H ф H A H
--- --- --- 60 60 130 65 130 55 130
Triple Head-Center Distance: 45
A B H A B H ф H A H
--- --- --- 35 60 130 35 130 33 130

MINI Technical date
Specifications Unit Details
Extruder screw mm 40
Ratio(L/D) L/D 24:1
Extruder speed RPM 15-103
Extruding volume(PE) kg/h 20-22
Extruder heating zones 3
Transfer displacement stroke mm 90
Clamp force(160BAR) kn 30
Dry cycle seg 3
Parison Programming points 2
Water consumption m3/h 0.8
Air consumption m3/min 0.6
Net weight approx. kg 1000
Power consumption Unit Details
Invertor drive motor kw 5.5
Extruder heater(PE) kw 5.4
Hydraulic pump motor kw 4
Die heater kw 1.3-2.6
Maximum consumption kw 14.4-15.6

Mini Blow Molding Machine
 About Us
AKEI is a well established Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer. Our line of product covers machinery suitable for production of containers from 5ml to 1,000 liters, and hollow parts of different sizes. The flexibility of producing a wide range of containers allows AKEI to cater different industries such as beauty and body care, pharmaceutical, automotive, gourmet utensils, office support tools, oil derivatives, children’s toys, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, etc. With over three decades of experience and the continuous support from our European and North American consultants, today AKEI machines are recognized as world class product. We are dedicated to keep up with the technological developments of the industry in order to keep abreast with our strong and recognized worldwide competitors. In fact our customers include a number of the top ten personal care and food product producers around the world. Our manufacturing plant is located in the city of Kai Ping, Southern China. It covers more than 200 acres of land and within the complex there are our in – house Mold Plant, CNC center consisting of 35 high precision tooling machines from Japan, our own blow molding production facility, and our delicate show room which allows the visiting customer to see all machine models in operation, even some special plastic products according to customers’ requirements. We encourage and welcome you to visit our facilities and get an exclusive tour so you can experience for yourself every single step involved in creating the Blow Molding Machine, Blow Molding Molds and Injection Molding Molds.
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