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Hot-Slitting T-Shirt Bag Making Machine+Side Gusset Device

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Products Name: Hot-Slitting T-Shirt Bag Making Machine+Side Gusset Device

Features Specifications:

1. Japan made servo motor & servo driver controls bag length precisely and high speed production, reducing electric consumption.
2. Bag length & speed can be changed easily from touch screen.
3. Germany made photocell-SICK for accurate printing mark.
4. E.P.C. (Edge Position Control) for the film at correct position.
5. Hot slitting & side gusseting device, special for T-shirt bag.
6. Machine frame is made of thick steel plate for stability at high speed operation.
7. Hydraulic lift up reel unwinder with air shaft, reducing the number of employees.
8. Automatic tension control with inverter system for jumbo diameter reels.
9. In-line hydraulic punching machine with bag folding device and Japan made sensors for accurate bags punching and folding position.
10. Punch-out scraps are collected by conveyor for recycling.

Model CWHG-800-SV CWHG-1000-SV
(mm/each line)
Max. 330 x 2 Max. 430 x 2 
Max. 650 Max. 650
PRODUCTION (cycle/min/line) Max. 250 Max. 250
0.010~0.035 0.010~0.035
MAIN MOTOR(hp) 2 2
HEATER(kw) 6 8
1000 1000
1100 1300
DIMENSION L x W x H (cm) 990 x 210 x 210 990 x 245 x 210
MACHINE WEIGHT (kgs) 3500 4000
GROSS WEIGHT (kgs) 4300 4900
REMARK 2 line 2 line

Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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