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ENAIVIV Thermosetting Injection Molding Machines

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Products Name: ENAIVIV Thermosetting Injection Molding Machines

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Item parameter chart:
ENAIVIV Thermosetting Injection Molding Machines are suitable producing Verious house wares products such as like: Bakelite, Melamine, Urea Handle, and Exquisite products.
Standard Accessories:
•T-Slot Platen
200 Sets or Unlimited Mold Memory
Japan Made Pressure & Flow Proportional Valve
•Low Pressure Mold Protection (Logic system for molding protection)
Hydraulic Core Pull Device
Air Blow (Air Ejector)
Toggles Lubricated Automatically
Stainless Steel Hopper *1
•4 Transducers
•Large-Size Oil Cooler
Screw Rpm Displays
TFT Multi-color Screen
Safety Device For Electric Leakage
Anti-Vibration Pads
Mold Hoist Support Rod (30-200 Ton)
Clamping Bars Set
Mould Fixed Ring (30-1250 Ton)
Tools kit, or Spare parts * 1 set
Heat Insulator plate for mould
•Mould temperature controller
Tools kit, or Spare parts * 1 set
•Oil temperature controller
Moulds exhaust funstion
One Year Guarantee
Optional Accessories:
Thermo type Hopper Dryer
Auto Loader
Cooling tower and pump
Air conditioner for dew

ENAIVIV Thermosetting Injection Molding Machines
 About Us
EIM-ENAIVIV INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES iare the most stable, durable, advanced & high tech plastic injection solution for all your worthwhile investment. With well designed and innovative, optimized effiency, high performing injection machines, we give complete reliablilty to our customers with years of service.
Design of machines starts with the European standards as the base, and using the best of the branded European, American, or Japanese hydraulic, electrical and electronic parts, EIM-ENAIVIV INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES are customerized to give the utmost effieiency machinery you ever need.
We also manufacture special purpose machines with special material such as BMC(Bulk molding compound), PA, PMMA, PPS, LCP,PBT, Thermosetting,plus a wide range of standard machine which will fullfill your requriements. And, we provide Turnkey Engineering, automatic system and auxiliary equipemnt on your variable option, so you get a machine system thats fully satisfied for your factory and your products that you will get back your investment in the shortest time.
From our AMB series to proven AMA series, to our newest EN series machines have made us the supplier of choice for world class injection molding machines maker. EIM-ENAIVIV INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE has set up several overseas agents, each agent has professional sales and service engineer to respond to our customers needs in the shortest possible time.