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JINSUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

JINSUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
JINSUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
  • High Pulverizer System(JS450)

    High Pulverizer System(JS450)

  • Soundproof Granulators

    Soundproof Granulators

  • Granulators (30HP)

    Granulators (30HP)

  • Granulators


  • Granulators


  • Granulators(150D)


  • Granulators(240)


  • Dehydrator


  • Hopper Dryer

    Hopper Dryer

  • Box Dryer

    Box Dryer

  • Color Mixer

    Color Mixer

  • Color Mixer

    Color Mixer

  • Mixer And Store Material Machine

    Mixer And Store Material...

  • Loader(300G)


  • The Wet Dryer

    The Wet Dryer

 About Us
Jinsui plastic machinery Co.,Ltd is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise which intergrates research, production, designment, sale and servive into a whole. The general company is situated in Ganjiao area of Lishui town in Nanhai area of Foshan city. Since our company was founded, we take customer at first, service with honest and trustworthiness, best creation and techonogy as our characteristics of management. Most of internal and external customers feel satisfied with our products because there is an excellent quality management system in our company and good experiences in production as well as advanced, excellent and precision plastic machines with fittings. We have developed many broad and excellent sale centers in different place in the whole Zhujiang area and also established friendly and stead cooperation relations with a certain number of customers in other provinces and other countries. Our company has developed more widely by our hardworking for nearly fifteen years, we will always provide the best quality products for you in order to keep satisfactory with each other and create brilliant achievements together in the future!
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JINSUI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd


granulators,color mixer


No.40,North RD,Le'an area in Luocun,Naihai area,Foshan city(about 100 metres from the airport road to Foshan ),China