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Guangdong Designer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Designer Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Guangdong Designer Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • PET/PLA Twin-Screw Extruder

    PET/PLA Twin-Screw Extruder

  • Co-Extruding Machine

    Co-Extruding Machine

  • Co-Extruder Machine(Five Layer)

    Co-Extruder Machine(Five...

  • Extruder With Thermoforming Machine

    Extruder With Thermoforming...

  • Horizontal Co-extruder Machine

    Horizontal Co-extruder...

  • Vertical Co-Extruder Machine

    Vertical Co-Extruder...

  • Horizontal Monolayer Extruder

    Horizontal Monolayer...

  • Monolayer Extruder(Vertical)

    Monolayer Extruder(Vertical)

  • Stationery Sheet Extruder

    Stationery Sheet Extruder

  • High Class Thermoforming Machine

    High Class Thermoforming...

  • Thermoforming Machine(Standard)

    Thermoforming Machine(Standard)

  • Cup Stacker

    Cup Stacker

  • Bowl Mould

    Bowl Mould

  • Squareness Box Mould

    Squareness Box Mould

  • Cup Mould

    Cup Mould

 About Us
Guangdong designer machinery co., ltd. is a technological company, which has scientific research, production and selling, located in beautiful beach city-shantou special economic zone. the company was established in 1990, and now has over 300,000 m2 workshop, 200 employees, including 50 middle and high class professional tehnicians.
The company specializes in doing the research and producing the plastic machine and plastic packing machine. the company owns several patent technological productions of the independent knowledge property rights, the technical content of the product is high, and its practicability is strong. the products are salable well over the china and export to uk, bulgaria, south america, russia, kazakhstan, uzbekstan, yemen, south africa, philippines, malaysia, korea, indonesia, thailand, burma, vietnam, taiwan and pakistan etc. we make a long term of cooperation with eastern group(thailand), china strong group etc.
The company has kept this kind of management concept, that is "being honest, being equal and customer first". all production according to gb/t 19001-2000 idt iso 9001:2000 and provided the strong technical support and the trainings for the customers.
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Guangdong Designer Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Extruder,Thermoforming machine,Mould


No.28 Anju Road, Shengping Industrial Area, Shantou, Guangdong, China