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Plastics Paralel Twin-Screw Extruder

Products Name: Plastics Paralel Twin-Screw Extruder

Features Specifications:

Integral structure adopts building-block configuration,on the light of different workmanship requirement and various combination,then process dirrerent technical material and realixe in multifunctional machine. transmission box is under advanced design and compact structure,except for two thrust bearings,the rest bearings are imported from Switzerland,completely features hi-rate rotation,hi-rate productivity,hi-twisted torque and smooth and reliable operation.
Mechanical caniter shall be adopted by dual-metallic sleeve wearable alloy a301,rigidity is HRC60-64.
Screw shall facilitate with hi-rate tool steel W6Mo5Cr4Vo2,vacuum quenching HRC58-62 process shouldreinforce durability and elongate use life.
Temperature control,each temperaturre division has its own precise control and sensitive reaction,featuring digital display and higher automatic control,meanwhile,machine head equips with melted temperature measurement thermocouple and pressure sensor,which are mostly suitable for workmanship of material process.
Key electric motor shall facilitate with DC rate regulator or door AC motor equipped with imported frequency inverting controller,which features into low-rate rotation startup performance and power-saving etc.

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