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Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.

Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • HH Series - PP/HDPE Extrusion Machine Line

    HH Series - PP/HDPE...

  • HE Series - Raffia Tape Stretching Line

    HE Series - Raffia Tape...

  • 4 Shuttles Leno Loom

    4 Shuttles Leno Loom

  • 6 Shuttles Circular Looms

    6 Shuttles Circular...

  • 8 Shuttles Circular Loom

    8 Shuttles Circular...

  • 12 Shuttles Jumbo Circular Loom

    12 Shuttles Jumbo Circular...

  • PP/ PE Woven Tubular Fabric Lamination Machine

    PP/ PE Woven Tubular...

  • Two Layer / Multilayer Film Blowing Extrusion Plant

    Two Layer / Multilayer...

  • Outside Lamination Machine

    Outside Lamination Machine

  • PP / HDPE Woven Bag Printing Machine - One Side Manual Feeding

    PP / HDPE Woven Bag...

  • Roll to Roll Flexographic Printing Machine

    Roll to Roll Flexographic...

  • Plastic Crusher/Plastic Scrap Grinding Machine

    Plastic Crusher/Plastic...

  • Plastic Recycling Machinery and Equipment

    Plastic Recycling Machinery...

  • Fully Automatic Cutting Sewing Printing Machine

    Fully Automatic Cutting...

  • Flexographic Jumbo Bag Printing Machine

    Flexographic Jumbo Bag...

 About Us
Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturing of PP and PE woven bag machinery and whole-plant equipment. Since its establishment 1980, HAO YU has been dedicated to the research and development of high performance machinery. Our dedication to continuous research and development is the reason for the excellence of HAO YU machines. Our objective is to enhance our present machinery and develop new models that improve the efficiency, product quality and profitability for our customers.

From the beginning, HAO YU has focused its energy on the development of advanced woven bag making machines, incorporating the latest ideas in technology. HAO YU machines have been supplied to over 50 countries and have received the full satisfaction of our customers. This level of dependability is achieved through outstanding engineering efficiency, continuous research & development, and rigorous quality control, combined with our strong commitment to customer services. In addition, our engineering ability has earned us "The 3rd R.O.C. Golden Dragon Award". However we never stop improving our technology. The future and continuous success of HAO YU depends upon further servicing our customers with high quality machines that fully meet their requirements.
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Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.


PP / HDPE High Speed Flat Yarn Extrusion Line, Flat Yarn Making Machine, Circular Looms, Woven Bag Lamination Plant, Inside Lamination Machine, Printing Machine, Plastic Waste Recycling Plant / Recycling Machine, Bag Printing Machine, Plastic Recycling Plant Peripheral Equipment, Powerful Crusher, Plastic Recycling Extrusion Line, Wood Plastic Composite Profile Extrusion Line, High Speed Mixer Machine, Pelletizer Extrusion Line, Twin Screws PET Strapping Band Extrusion Line


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