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Tape Extruder/Stretching Line

Products Name: Tape Extruder/Stretching Line

Features Specifications:

The model SJ tape Extruder & Stretching Line is the newly designed by HengCheng company,the main technical parameters are up to international advanced level.Special advanced design and by using developed materials,ensuring high output capacity and lowconsumption as well as a long work life.The machine main used for:
∴ Tape for woven sack,container fabric,tarpaulins
∴ Tape for agrotype & geo fabric,carpet backing,artificial grass
∴ Special limpidity tape,low deniertape of highest quality
∴ Fibrillated tape for ropes,baler twine,etc.

 About Us
Changzhou Hengcheng Plastic Machinery Limited Company is specialized in producing plastic weaving machine. The main products of the company:SJ65/30 Tape stretching line;SJ90/33 Tape stretching line;Yarn winder;STM-1000 plastic laminating machine;RQ-850 auto cutting and sewing machine; Quartloom-4 shuttle circular loom; Quartloom-6 shuttle circular loom; Quartloom-8 shuttle circular loom and etc. And we pass through the authentication of ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System .Corporate Mindset:
In Pursuit of Permanency
*Be honest & reliable in fulfilling promise to achieve permanency.
*Be consistent in striving for perfection to achieve permanency.
*Be ambitious & innovative to achieve permanency.
*Be attentive to the wants of others to achieve permanency.
  We believe: contributing to the community not only temporary wealth, but also a permanent vision. For our customers, if we do not have yet the chance to become permanent business partners, we should by all meams become trust-worthy friends forever!
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