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Sing-Layer Casting Film Unit

Products Name: Sing-Layer Casting Film Unit

Features Specifications:

This unit is designed and made on the base of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology by our company. This machine can produce single or muti layer cast film, embossing film PP, its main raw materials include PP, LLDPE, LDPE and EVA. It can produce transparent film, embossed film with various functions.
Characteristics of the equipment:
★Using special mixing and high plastication. Its screw is designed to guarantee plasting well.
★The stability of air-knife casting film is good.
★The central batching with automatic rotary turret and whole synchronous control and adjustment can automatically cut the film off, change rolls and operate easily.
★It can produce transparency film. Embossed film with easy replacement.
The characters of product are:
★Non-toxic Sans taste Nuisanceless Retrievable Soft Low temperature resrstant Nonwrinkled Silk-sensory Multi-colored, high beneficial The products made by the unit have the feature of hige transparency which can replaces PVC plastic products.
Application of product:
★Artuckes fir sanitary use: surhical brape, surgical sheet, infant napkin and sanitary towel etc.
★Commodity: tablecloth, glove, apron, bath cap, western-style clothes sleeve, raincoat, beach umbrella, chair sleeve and blanket bag etc.
★Commercial product package: dust-proof for typewriter, photocopier and other machines.

Main technical parameters
Item/Specification 1500 1800 2500
Screw diameter φ90 φ90 φ120
Aspect Ratio 30:1 33:1 30:1

Finished width
700/1200 1200/1600 1500/2200
Mechanical wire-speed 80m/min 80m/min 80m/min
Winding diameter φ600 φ600 φ600

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