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Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Features Specifications:

Clamping Force: 70T
Injection Quantity: 162g-222g

Model Units AT-700B
Injection system Screw Diameter mm Ф36 Ф42
Injection Pressure Kg/cm2 1732 1266
Theoretical Shot volume cm3 182 249
(P.S)Max. Shot Weight g/Oz 162/5.7 222/7.8
Injection Rate cm3/sec 87 119
Temperature Control ZONE 3
Material Hoppper Capacity L 30
Clamping system Clamping Force T 70
Opening Force T 13.5
Distance Between TiBare mm 500×340
The Biggest Contain Mold Space mm 490×424
Min Mold Height mm 200
Opening Stroke mm 250
Max. Open Daylight mm 450
Ejector Force T 2.7
Ejector stoke mm 75
Slipform system Slide Plater Size mm
Slide Plater Stoke mm
Round Set Diamter mm
Hydraulic Electric system Max. Hydaulic Pressure Kg/cm2 140
Pump Output L 210
Pump Motor Power Kw 7.5
Barrel Heating Power Kw 4.5
Total Wattage Kw 12
Other Machine Weight T 2.5
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) m 1.9×1.1×2.9

 About Us
As a company specializes in manufacturing vertical injection molding machine, Atech possesses technical strength, R&D capability and exclusive technology which have been accumulated by us for a long time.
Thanks to company culture of continuous innovation and speed winning, the development speed and characteristics of Atech are leading in the same business. Our company has developed many series (AT, AC, AK) of injection molding machines with clamping force of 12-650 tons and injection quantity of 10-6000g. In order to satisfy customers different demands on plastic products and combine with international popular trend of safety and energy-saving, our company has already developed many types of exclusive equipment. Creating maximum interest and value is the goal that we are always pursuing.
Upholding the operation principle of quality coming first, serving customers and innovating technology, we constantly upgrade the quality of service and provide integral technical support for our customers in pre-sale, sale and after-sale. Continuously improving ourselves and creating mutual-win and prosperity, our company will keep on operating forever and jointly step into the successful future.
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