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Tederic Machinery Co., LTD.

Tederic Machinery Co., LTD.
Tederic Machinery Co., LTD.
  • Dream Series D-i Connecting Rod Type IMM

    Dream Series D-i Connecting...

  • Dream series D-M IMM

    Dream series D-M IMM

  • Dream series D-JI series IMM

    Dream series D-JI series...

  • Dream series D-JII series IMM

    Dream series D-JII series...

  • DH Dream series DH-i bi-plate IMM

    DH Dream series DH-i...

  • DH Dream series DH-JI series IMM

    DH Dream series DH-JI...

  • DH Dream series DH-JII series IMM

    DH Dream series DH-JII...

  • DE series All electric IMM in Dream-series

    DE series All electric...

 About Us
With US $85 million total investment, 150,000 square meters modern, digital factory, 10000 sets injection molding machines annual output, Tederic Machinery has been a national high-tech enterprise and IMMs have been recognized and reputed in nearly 90 countries at present. Tederic owns two enterprises: Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. with the head quarter in Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area; Tederic Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.Dozens of large CNC floor type milling and boring center, five-surface and multi-station machining center, combined with wholly-owned below 35ton piece, annual output 12000ton precision casting division, which offer the reliable guarantee both in quality and quantity for the production of IMM with the clamping force ranges from 45 - 6000ton.
Establishment: Hangzhou TEDERIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. was founded in Apr. 2003 at Zhuanang town, Xihu district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang,CHINA.
Manufacture: TEDERIC MACHINE MANUFACTURE(CHINA) CO., LLC. was founded in Aug. 2006, at state development area, Hangzhou economic and technical development zone. TEDERIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in Jun. 2012
Site area: 5,3500m², facility area: 40,000m²
Establishment: Zhejiang TEDERIC heavy machinery CO., LTD. was found in Apr. 2010 at Deqing economic and technical development zone, Huzhou, Zhejiang,CHINA.
Site area: 72,000m², facility area: 45,000m²
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Tederic Machinery Co., LTD.


60~7000T Injection Molding Machine, Two Platen Energy-Saving Injection Molding Machine , All-Electric Precision Injection Molding Machine


NO.245 North Wenze Road,Hangzhou Economic&Technological Developement Area,China