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Plasco Engineering Inc

Plasco Engineering Inc
Plasco Engineering Inc
  • Blown Film Extruder(Mini Type)

    Blown Film Extruder(Mini...

  • High Speed Blown Film Machine

    High Speed Blown Film...

  • HDPE Blown Film Machine

    HDPE Blown Film Machine

  • Blown Film Machine(LD/LLDPE)

    Blown Film Machine(LD/LLDPE)

  • Multi Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Extruder

    Multi Layer Co-Extrusion...

  • PP Blown Film Machine

    PP Blown Film Machine

  • PA / PET Monofilament Extruder

    PA / PET Monofilament...

  • PP / HDPE Monofilament Extruder

    PP / HDPE Monofilament...

  • PVC Monofilament Extruder

    PVC Monofilament Extruder

  • Flat Yarn Extruder

    Flat Yarn Extruder

  • Fibrillated Yarn Extruder

    Fibrillated Yarn Extruder

  • Stretched Net Making Machine

    Stretched Net Making...

  • Flat Net Making Extruder

    Flat Net Making Extruder

  • PP Strapping Tape Extruder

    PP Strapping Tape Extruder

  • PET Strapping Tape Extruder

    PET Strapping Tape Extruder

 About Us
We are pleased to supply extensive range of plastic extrusion machinery, from blown film extruders, monofilament extruding lines, to the flat yarn, and fibrillated yarn extrusion lines, as well as net extruding lines, strapping tape extruding lines, and relative down stream equipment.We supply also complete production line for plastic bag and woven bag equipment to suit each individual customer′s requirement.
For more detailed information about us, our products and services, you are most welcome to contact us.
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Plasco Engineering Inc


Blown Film Extruder, Monofilament Extruding Line, Strapping Band Extrusion Line, Tape Extrusion Line, Extruded Net Making Machine


No. 90, Nanpi Rd., Nanxin Vil., Taibao City, Chiayi County 61251, Taiwan