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Cheer Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Cheer Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Cheer Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • PC High Transparent Sheet Extrusion Line For Optical Purpose

    PC High Transparent...

  • High Grade PET Mono Or Multi Layer Sheet Co-Extrusion Line

    High Grade PET Mono...

  • PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line

    PP Hollow Corrugated...

  • PC Hollow Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line

    PC Hollow Corrugated...

  • PC PMMA Sheet Extrusion Line

    PC PMMA Sheet Extrusion...

  • PMMA/ABS/HIPS Single Or Multi-Layer Board Extrusion Line

    PMMA/ABS/HIPS Single...

  • APET/PETG/PP/PS/PE Sheet Production Line

    APET/PETG/PP/PS/PE Sheet...

  • ABS/PS/PP/PE Board Extrusion Line

    ABS/PS/PP/PE Board Extrusion...

  • Free-Foamed/Celuka/Solid Sheet And Board Extrusion Lines


 About Us
CHEER Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, as a subordinated under CHEER Group, is an integrated enterprise specialized in R & D, manufacturing of plastic sheet, board and film extrusion line. Relying on strong comprehensive background of Cheer Group, Cheer has been dedicated in R & D of following extrusion lines:
1. Polyolefin Single or Multi-Layer Board or Sheet Extrusion Line for General-Purpose
2. PC,PP,PVC Hollow Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line
3. PC Optical Solid Sheet Extrusion Line
4. PP, PE ABS, PMMA PC board and extra-thick board Extrusion line
5. PC,PMMA Solid Board Extrusion Line for General Purpose
6. Plastic Wave-Form Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line
7. Casting Film line(CPP and Embossing Film Casting Line)
8.Aluminum-Plastic Composite Board Extrusion Line
9.PE,PVC Water-Proof Membrane Extrusion Line
10.PVC Rigid ,Flexible Board and Sheet Extrusion Line

CHEER Plastic Machinery--International Quality Standard.
CHEER extrusion lines are of high reliability, environment protection, energy-Saving and preferable cost- effective proportion. Cheer owns a professional team composed by qualified engineers and technicians. Cheer has been providing our customers with a turn-key sheet production plant: i.e. beginning with sincere consultant and advise during the contract discussing, then offering a preferable price, perfect manufacturing 、 installation、 test running and post- service, completely resolving customers’ any requirement. Cheer Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a long-term technical cooperation with European and American suppliers and other international famous suppliers of electric or mechanical accessories or parts. We have been dedicated to provide the most advanced and high quality equipment for our customers. It is CHEER’S essential motto and principle: "Modesty, Enthusiasm, Reality and Self-confidence". Warmly welcome all clients to Cheer, to China.

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Cheer Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.


ABS.HIPS single or co-extruded boards and three refrigerators, five-bath co-extrusion sheet production line


No.98, Fenganli,Shengzhuang Village, Hengshanqiao Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China