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PVC Profile Production Line

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PVC profile production line is mainly used in producing PVC profile,multi-hole cable duct(4-hole,6-hole,7-hole,9-hole option).According to the different sectioal drawings and molds we can choose different conical or parallel twin screw extruder and provide relative vacuum sizing tank,haul-off,cutter,stacker auxiliary equipments.The capacity of main extruder is from 150kg/h-450kg/h for option.The haul-off is made by our special up-down technology with the advantages of stable working,good reliability,heavy traction,etc.The vacuum sizing tank adopts special extra-big whirlpool cooling system to satisfy the cooling,shaping and high-speed extrusion.The moving speed of cutter and drawing speed keep synchronous with PLC controller,reasonable design,running stable,zuto fixed length cutting,assembled swarf suction device.According to the different molds,the vacuum sizing tank can adopt 4m,6m,8m,11m,etc.If we use parallel twin screw extruder it will be suitable for high speed extrusion of the profile.

PVC Profile Production Line
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