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Kunshan Kesun Rubber & Plastic Machanics Co., Ltd

Kunshan Kesun Rubber & Plastic Machanics Co., Ltd
Kunshan Kesun Rubber & Plastic Machanics Co., Ltd
  • Kneader For Laboratory

    Kneader For Laboratory

  • Two Stage Extruder

    Two Stage Extruder

  • Two Stage Extruder

    Two Stage Extruder

  • Single Screw

    Single Screw

  • Single Screw Kneader Extruder

    Single Screw Kneader...

  • Water Ring Extruder

    Water Ring Extruder

  • Twin Screw Extruder

    Twin Screw Extruder

  • Kneader


  • Two Stages Extruder

    Two Stages Extruder

  • Two Stages/Kneader Extruder

    Two Stages/Kneader Extruder

  • Wind Cooling Die-Face Hot Cutting Pelletizing

    Wind Cooling Die-Face...

  • Kneader & Cones & Two Stages Series

    Kneader & Cones & Two...

  • Kneader&Conical&Twin Screw Extruder


  • Pelletizing Line(Users Implementing Site)

    Pelletizing Line(Users...

  • Kneader&Conical&Single Screw Extruder


 About Us
We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of the batching mixing, extrusion, pelleting and forming equipments. We boasts the scientific research personnel owing rich experience in the extruder research field, advanced processing equipments and modern standard workshops. We can provide the most professional mechanical design and whole sets of extrusion equipments to meet each customer’s need for special application. Our company keeps being enterprising and continues to accumulate practical experience on order to improve continuously the quality of our products. We welcome sincerely the visits of the experts and scholars in every community to our company.
Business operation tenet: we will design and manufacture the most applicable equipments by applying the most scientific extrusion theories to meet the customers’ needs.
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Kunshan Kesun Rubber & Plastic Machanics Co., Ltd


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