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Poly Cell (Air Bubble Sheets) Making Machine

Products Name: Poly Cell (Air Bubble Sheets) Making Machine

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1. uses the double helix installment, may adjust thickness willfully, also may generate the double color air bubble cloth (gram force cloth).
2. time-saving reduces effort, the production efficiency is high.
3. may produce three two-sided super air bubble cloths, the air bubble diameter has 5mm, 10mm, 25mm.
4. picks when the color dye manufacture disperses evenly.
5. designs two group of T die heads novel, the operation is simple.
6. uses the ultra giant formation wheel, the covering area is broad, cooling effectiveness is good.
7. uses the radius arm type two axis automatic volumes to take the installment.
8. two group of torque motors may alone the automatic exchange.

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Poly cell Making Machine...

Poly Cell (Air Bubble Sheets) Making Machine
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