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Qingdao Zhongsu machinery manufacture co., ltd

Qingdao Zhongsu machinery manufacture co., ltd
Qingdao Zhongsu machinery manufacture co., ltd
  • Twin Pipe Extrusion Production Line

    Twin Pipe Extrusion...

  • Powder Grinder

    Powder Grinder

  • Plastic Crusher

    Plastic Crusher

  • High-Speed Mixing And Cooling Machine

    High-Speed Mixing And...

  • HDPE/PP/PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe And PVC Ribbed Pipe Extrusion Line

    HDPE/PP/PVC Double Wall...

  • Automatic Pipe No-Dust Cutter And Planetary Cutter

    Automatic Pipe No-Dust...

  • Automatic PVC Pipe Belling Machine And Mould

    Automatic PVC Pipe Belling...

  • Vertical Type Co-Extruder

    Vertical Type Co-Extruder

  • Vertical Versatile Lift Co-Extruder

    Vertical Versatile Lift...

  • Twin Conical Screws Extruder

    Twin Conical Screws...

  • PET Packing Belt/Drawbench Production Line

    PET Packing Belt/Drawbench...

  • PC/PP/PE And PVC Plastic Hollow Cross Section Plate Extrusion Line

    PC/PP/PE And PVC Plastic...

  • PVC Free Foamed Sheet/Board/Decoration Sheet Production Line

    PVC Free Foamed Sheet/Board/Decoration...

  • Wide Floor Sheet/Waterproof Sheet Production Line

    Wide Floor Sheet/Waterproof...

  • PE/PP Foamed Board Production Line

    PE/PP Foamed Board Production...

 About Us
Combining with the scientific research, technology transfer, production and distribution, Qingdao Zhongsu machinery manufacture co., ltd is one technology stock company that refers new material. The company has been awarded many honorable titles such Qingdao Hi-tech enterprise, Qingdao contract-honoring and promise-keeping enterprise and the accomplished unit of extending important scientific and technological achievements for constructing well-off dwelling house.
The company mainly engages in the research ad development of new rubber and plastic machinery, design and after-sales service; furthermore, the company can offer clients turn-key project of whole production line of plastic products. With abundant technical power, the company influxes top grade professional technicians of macromolecule material, processing of polymer, industrial automation and distribution; moreover, the company cooperates with chemical design academe and academies tightly that ensures the company transforms the latest technology achievements as quickly as possible with knowing the trend of market. As a result, the company can offer clients the whole technology with most competitive capacity and related technical consulting.
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Qingdao Zhongsu machinery manufacture co., ltd


Plastic Extruder Series,Extrusion Lines For Plates, Flat Films And Sheets,Extrusion Lines For Pipes,Profiled Material Production Line,Extrusion line for Granulation,Auxiliary Equipments,Extrusion series mould


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