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  • Screw And Barrel-Bimetal Barrel

    Screw And Barrel-Bimetal...

  • Screw And Barrel-Nitride Barrel

    Screw And Barrel-Nitride...

  • Screw And Barrel -Electroplating Screw

    Screw And Barrel -Electroplating...

  • Screw And Barrel-HVOF WC Spray Coating Screw

    Screw And Barrel-HVOF...

  • Screw And Barrel -Ordinary Nitrided Screw

    Screw And Barrel -Ordinary...

  • Screw And Barrel -PTA Bimetallic Alloy Screw

    Screw And Barrel -PTA...

  • Screw And Barrel -Barrel Assembly Parts

    Screw And Barrel -Barrel...

  • Screw And Barrel -Screw Assembly Parts

    Screw And Barrel -Screw...

  • Screw And Barrel-Full Hardening Wc Spray Coating Screw

    Screw And Barrel-Full...

  • Screw And Barrel -Mix Smelt Double Teeth Screw

    Screw And Barrel -Mix...

 About Us
Principles of administration:
Ever since the establishment of TAI STAR MATERIAL CO. LTD. Twenty years ago,the Co, has adopted a policy of "QUALITY FIRST-BETTER SERVICE" as our motto, in order to carry out the goal of fulfilling our promise to satisfy the needs of our customers. Being ever conscious of the importance both barrel and screw occupy in the filed of processing of plastic materials, we have taken strict quality control from the stage of designing right up to the stage of final completion of the production process, just to guarantee that the articles will be in a perfect state. Our trade mark of T.T.S. is not only enjoys the confidence of our customers both from the local and over seas markets, but also signifies provision of better after-sale technical service.
Business location and business contents:
"Dong Guan Tai Star Metal Hardware Factory" is situated in Chin Xi, occupying an area of 22,000 square feet, engaged in the manufacture of Barrels and Screw as well as all assembly parts for Injection Molding Machine and Extrusion Molding Machine, with the products and services being, offered mainly to customers in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Mainland China.
Company Profile:
Capital: HKD$10,000,000 (1994)
Staffs: Tai Star Factory in China-500 members.
Philosophy of management:
By implementing a policy of intensive training and provision of social benefits, TAI STAR METERIAL CO. LTD, has a team of devoted workers who, like members of a big family, are working closely together in a spirit of dedication and cooperation, with the aim of making greater contribution towards the successful execution of the Co.’s business endeavors.
Future prospects:
Aiming at improving the future prospects on the eve of the 21st century, all the staffs of TAI STAR METERIAL CO. LTD will continue to exert much greater efforts by further expanding our services and by promoting our sales in the international markets, in order to win the support and patronage of customers in the future.
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Alloy Barrel、Alloy Cylinder、Alloy Screw、Barrel & Screw、Bimetallic Cylinder、Extruder Screws、Extrusion Molding Machine for Cylinder、Extrusion Molding Machine for Screw、Injection Molding Machine for Cylinder、Injection Molding Machine for Screw、Interchangeabl


Blk. B, 3/F, Tsun Wan Ind. Bldg., 60 Tsun Yip Street Kwun Tong, KLN, HK