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Super Micro Grinder

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Products Name: Super Micro Grinder

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The complete line of mineral grinding operation

1.Unprocessed Stone 2.(SK-DE)Mineral Jowl Crusher 3.Crushed Material 4.Conveyor
5.Standard Crusher 6.Elevator 7.(SK-AAS)Super Micro Grinder 8.Cyclone Tank
9.Automatic Dust-Collector 10.Rotary Value    

Super Micro Grinder
 About Us
To protect the earth from scrap tire disposal generating unexpected dangerous conditions of uncontrollable fires, air pollution and health hazards, SSK R&D team has been acting on striving to create the excellent " Tire Recycling System " for several years. This product of Tire Recycling Complete System has efficiently solved environmental pollution generated by scrap tires in Taiwan and other countries since 1995.
It's a hard work in creating and innovating an excellent " Tire Recycling System " to separate Steel, Nylon and Crumb Rubber from multifarious composition of scrap tire initially, SSK invested ten years and resources approx. ten million U.S. Dollars in creating and innovating this professional tire recycling complete system; SSK has succeeded in this efficient Tire Recycling System and has gained many patents,quality certificates in the world and several awards of national innovations as well since 1995. Besides, the separated steel, nylon and crumb rubber all are excellent recycled materials.Up to now, this unique tire recycling complete line is well known worldwide.
You might be surprised by the high-prices; however, you will be more confident and approving this tire recycling complete line after seeing the actual operation. To create a quality and high-tech Tire Recycling System, SSK manages its business to behave in conformity with sincerity and duty, neither promotes inefficient equipment nor takes irresponsible.
We hereby sincerely suggest esteemed guests to compare with other manufacturers' equipment in different countries as more as possible, once esteemed guests intend to invest tire recycling business, then, you will be able to differentiate between SSK's advantages and other manufacturers'. SSK's perfect Tire Recycling System is the only one best choice.
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