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Wuxi Xidong Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Xidong Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd
Wuxi Xidong Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Parallel Twin Screw Extruder(SJP Series)

    Parallel Twin Screw...

  • Single Screw Plastic Extruder(SJ Series)

    Single Screw Plastic...

  • Conical Twin Screw Plastic Extruder(SJSZ Series)

    Conical Twin Screw Plastic...

  • PE-C Pipe Extruding Production Line

    PE-C Pipe Extruding...

  • PE /PVC Single-Wall/Double-Wall Corrugation Pipe Production Line

    PE /PVC Single-Wall/Double-Wall...

  • PPR/PEX /PERT Pipe Extrusion Production Line

    PPR/PEX /PERT Pipe Extrusion...

  • PE/PP/PB Pipe Extrusion Production Line

    PE/PP/PB Pipe Extrusion...

  • PVC Series Plastic Pipe Extruding Production Line

    PVC Series Plastic Pipe...

  • Plastic Ceiling Board Production Line(SJ Series)

    Plastic Ceiling Board...

  • Profiles Production Line(YF Series)

    Profiles Production...

  • PP/PE/PVC/ PS/ABS Sheet Production Line

    PP/PE/PVC/ PS/ABS Sheet...

  • Hot Shrink Film Machine

    Hot Shrink Film Machine

  • Film Production Line(SJ Series)

    Film Production Line(SJ...

  • Water Cooling Pelletizing System

    Water Cooling Pelletizing...

  • Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizing

    Waste Plastic Recycling...

 About Us
Our company is located at the TaiHu lakeside city XiSan, which is in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. It has convenient land and water communications and is proud of "he Paradise of the fish and rice, the green land to the south of the Yangtze River"
From the beginning of the 70’s, the company has been a professional factory in developing and producing the plastic machinery and it’s appendix equipments, which is integrated with science research, producing and marketing. It also has the perfect manufacturing equipments and the special sets.
Our products sell well in the world, win the credit in the customer and be praised of the high quality products many times. We can design the product and training according to the customer’s samples, and we also provide the series service of conducting, testing and the making way. We cordially welcome the new and old customers coming to visit the factory and select the products.
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Wuxi Xidong Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd


Extruder,Pipe Extrusion,Profile Extruder,Plate Production Line,Film Extrusion,Pelletizing Extrusion Line,Mold series,Auxiliary Device


Fangqian Town Wuxi City Jiangsu China (Fengquan Load 28#)



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