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Yanfeng Group Co.,Ltd Of China

Yanfeng Group Co.,Ltd Of China
Yanfeng Group Co.,Ltd Of China
  • High-Speed Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

    High-Speed Flat Yarn...

  • Plastic Tape Drawing Machine

    Plastic Tape Drawing...

  • Plastic Tape Drawing Machine

    Plastic Tape Drawing...

  • Single-Spindle Winding Machine

    Single-Spindle Winding...

  • Winding Machine(Cam Type)

    Winding Machine(Cam...

  • Four-Shuttle Circular Loom

    Four-Shuttle Circular...

  • Four Shuttle Plane Cam Circular Loom

    Four Shuttle Plane Cam...

  • Six Shuttle Plane Cam Circular Loom

    Six Shuttle Plane Cam...

  • Big-Sized Six-Shuttle Circular Loom Eight-Shuttle Circular Loom

    Big-Sized Six-Shuttle...

  • High-Speed Circular Loom For Mesh Bag

    High-Speed Circular...

  • Multifunctional Laminating Machine

    Multifunctional Laminating...

  • Circular Double-Sided Printing Bag-Making Machine

    Circular Double-Sided...

  • Gravure Printing Machine

    Gravure Printing Machine

  • Flexographic Printing Machine For PP Woven Sack

    Flexographic Printing...

  • Relief Offset Press For PP Woven Sack

    Relief Offset Press...

 About Us
Yanfeng Group Co.,Ltd Of China , established in 1987. As a key member of China Packaging Association and China Plastic Machinery Industry Association with self-supporting import-export permission, we are also the core enterprise of China Quality Association and the member of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products. It has passed ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system of China Quality Certification Center for Import and Export Commodities ,ISO14001:2004Environmental Management System Certification,as well as CE certificate.
Our factory, as the largest plastic machinery enterprise in Zhejiang province, covers land area of over 16 acres and building area of 52000 square meters, possessing fixed assets of 10 million U.S dollars, with more than 180sets of various machine tools for machinery processing. Our annual output reaches more than 3000 sets of various plastic machinery such as circular looms, tape drawing machine, winding machine, lamination machine, printing machine, film extrusion machine, bag making machine, recycling granulator etc.
With first-class engineering and technical personnel, scientific system of management, solid economic strength, advanced machining equipment and perfect after-sale service, “YANFENG” machines are always sold well and well known both at home and abroad.
Our machines have spread out all over China, and have been exported to over fifty countries and regions in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Details are as per our international sales network.
Our “YANFENG” brand series machinery have been awarded as “China Famous Brand”, “Well-known product of Wenzhou City”, “Stable Quality, Satisfactory Service, Creditable Reputation Brand Of China”, “Satisfactory Brand of High Quality Light Industry Product ”, “Local Famous Product of Zhejiang Province”.
Our factory has been elected as “Excellent Member of National Construction Material Packing Association”, “Quality Assuring System Advanced Enterprise”, “Local Ensured Quality Enterprise of Zhejiang Province”, “Unit of Standard Quality for China Creditable Enterprise”, “Creditable Enterprise of 10 Excellent Targets, Quality-assured, Customer-satisfied in China”.
We practice 3-guarantee policy for all our products and support continual service in their life time and undertake for installing and test-run. Our weaving and laminating sub factories can provide the customer with free technical training and offer technicians in long or short term!
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Yanfeng Group Co.,Ltd Of China


Flat Yarn Extrusion Line,Plastic Tape Drawing Machine,Cam Type Winding Machine,Circular Loom,Multifunctional Laminating Machine,Bag-Making Machine,Printing Machine,Automatic Cutting And Sewing Machine,Nonwoven Machinery


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