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Yuan Lih Knife Company

Yuan Lih Knife Company
Yuan Lih Knife Company
  • Knives For Cold Work

    Knives For Cold Work

  • Metal Shear Knives - Knives For Hot Work

    Metal Shear Knives -...

  • Metal Shear Knives - Angle Iron Cutter

    Metal Shear Knives -...

  • Metal Shear Knives-Shear Blades

    Metal Shear Knives-Shear...

  • Metal Shear Knives-Rotary Hot Shears

    Metal Shear Knives-Rotary...

  • Metal Shear Knives-Shear Blade-Single Edge

    Metal Shear Knives-Shear...

  • Planer Knife With Back Serration

    Planer Knife With Back...

  • Knives For Wood Working -Jointer Knives

    Knives For Wood Working...

  • Knives For Wood Workin-Slice Knives

    Knives For Wood Workin-Slice...

  • Round-Shape-Making Cutter

    Round-Shape-Making Cutter

  • Knives For Wood Working - Hand Planer Knives

    Knives For Wood Working...

  • Veneer Cutting Knives

    Veneer Cutting Knives

  • Chipper Knives

    Chipper Knives

  • Plastic Rotary Knife

    Plastic Rotary Knife

  • Circular Knives

    Circular Knives

 About Us
Yuan Lih Knife Company was established in May, 1967 and is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of industrial knives for more than 40 years. Employees of YUAN LIH KNIFE dedicate to the production seriously because it is clear that only with the good quality can a company operates longer and only with prompt delivery can a company foresee promises future orders. Quality originated from outstanding equipments, professional skills, and well trained management. For the past 30 years the company is under the leadership of President Lin, whose implementation of "promoting employee specialty and serving customers" delivers products to the EU and the USA since the motto greatly improved the company′s standard. The products of YUAN LIH KNIFE covers a wide variety of scales, including knives for metal working, woodworking, paper industry, plastics sector, and packaging industry; the knife′s kinds are many and the tool materials are also in wide range, including , carbon steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, tungsten steel, and many other options.
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Yuan Lih Knife Company


Plastic Knives, Paper Knives, Circular Slitting Knives, Metal Shear Knives, Woodworking Knives, Tobacco Knives, Other Knives


No.61, Lane 305, Sec. 3, Chung Shan Rd., Tan Tzu Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan






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