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ZhangJiaGang XinTian Machinery Co.,Ltd.

ZhangJiaGang XinTian Machinery Co.,Ltd.
ZhangJiaGang XinTian Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Rolling Knife Cutting Machine

    Rolling Knife Cutting...

  • Nonofiling Cutting Off Machine

    Nonofiling Cutting Off...

  • Drewing Machine For Wide Door Plate

    Drewing Machine For...

  • Double Disk Winder

    Double Disk Winder

  • Automatic Belling machine

    Automatic Belling machine

  • PVC Pipe Belling Machine

    PVC Pipe Belling Machine

  • Waste Plastics Recycling And Reprocessing

    Waste Plastics Recycling...

  • Conical Double-Screw Plastic Extruder

    Conical Double-Screw...

  • Screw Plastic Extruder

    Screw Plastic Extruder

  • Production Line For Stable PPR Pipes With Aluminum Layer

    Production Line For...

  • Production Line For PPR Line

    Production Line For...

  • HDPE Burning Windpipe Production Line

    HDPE Burning Windpipe...

  • Production Line For PVC Large Diameter

    Production Line For...

  • Production Line For BW-II Double-Wall Corrugated Pipes

    Production Line For...

  • PVC Double-Pipe Extruding Production Line

    PVC Double-Pipe Extruding...

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Zhangjiagang XinTian Machinery Co., Ltd. is a complete set of plastic machinery and equipment dedicated to the research, development and production of private high-tech enterprise, is the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Construction, China Telecom to complete units in key science and technology projects. The company has formed a full range of plastic machinery production line and a variety of supporting stand-alone, the main products are: all kinds of plastic pipe, pipe complete set of production line; all kinds of plastic plates, sheet material production line; all kinds of plastic granulating production line; all kinds of single-screw , twin-screw extruder. Here, our account managers will take the trouble with your full two-way communication, to provide you with an enhanced level of pre-and post full-service, so you can get the most competitive production technologies and products.
All of this stems from our aim: integrity, rigorous, excellence, dedication
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ZhangJiaGang XinTian Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Plastic Machinery


Shuangqiao Leyu Town Industrial Zone, the first echelon 1 kilometer north side of State Road 204